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Águas das Agulhas Negras

In January 2008, when Águas das Agulhas Negras took over the services of sanitation of the city of Resende, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, only 6% of the population had treated wastewater system and the water supply output was of 465 liters per second.


In the first year of the concession, with the renovation and maintenance of Contorno wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), and the launch of WWTP Alegria and WWTP Isaac Polit, the company grown to serve 54% of the population. Such development ranked Resende as the city with greater volume of treated wastewater in the South of the Fluminense region, besides contributing to the cleanup of River Paraíba do Sul.
In 2011, continuing these investments, the utility opened WWTP Monet and took over the operation of WWTP Visconde de Mauá, reaching 60% of treated wastewater in the city.
In the following year, Águas das Agulhas Negras launched the largest water treatment plant in Resende, WTP Alegria, one of the most modern in the state. Such achievement, together with other actions and the improvement of the production system of Fazenda da Barra Region, increased the water production of the city to 730 liters per second, making the city self-sufficient for the next three decades. The utility has seven water treatment plants: WTP Alegria, WTP Nova Liberdade, WTP 31 de Março, WTP Engenheiro Passos, WTP Toyota, WTP São Caetano and WTP Fazenda da Barra.

Eyes on the future

Over 30 years of the concession, the company plans to invest over R$ 136 million in the city, of which R$ 60 million has already been invested in the first years of the undertaking. The goal is that by 2019, Resende will have 90% of its wastewater treated. Águas das Agulhas Negras also plans to build new treatment plants and over 50 km of extension and replacement of water and wastewater lines.