In April 2015, the concessionaire Águas de Jahu, from Grupo Águas do Brasil, started to supply water in the city of Jaú, state of São Paulo. The local sewage treatment system has been operated by the Group, through the company Saneamento de Jaú (Sanej) since January 2009.

During the concession period, Águas de Jahu will invest R$ 165 million in improvements to the water systems, in efforts to increase the sewage treatment rate and to reduce water losses.

Grupo Águas do Brasil – Saneamento Ambiental Águas do Brasil (SAAB) is a leading private concessionaire of water supply and sewage collection and treatment in Brazil.

Looking forward

The studies and projects conducted by Águas de Jahu are developed to serve the city over the next 35 years with plans to ensure that Jaú may be fully served. This is possible due to the experience and investment capacity of Grupo Águas do Brasil, which uses the latest industry technologies and innovations.

Neighborhoods served

The whole town is supplied by water pipelines.


To deliver sanitation services and solutions, meeting the needs and expectations of all customers in order to help promote a better quality of life to the population through selective expansion and sustainable actions.


Being recognized for top-notch, widespread sanitation services, excellent water quality, efficient processes and a transparent relationship with the society.


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