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Águas de Nova Friburgo

In January 2009, Águas de Nova Friburgo took over the basic sanitation service of the city of Nova Friburgo, in the mountainous region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. During the concession period, the company is responsible for the collection, production and distribution of treated water, as well as for the collection, removal and treatment of wastewater.


With 160,520 inhabitants, Nova Friburgo now has a volume of treated water of 1.3 million m³/month produced by 15 treatment plants. The percentage of people served with treated water in 2008 was of 85%. Today, this rate has changed to 95% of the population, a result of the investments already made in the city.

The utility currently has three wastewater treatment plants in operation: WWTP Olaria, WWTP Campo do Coelho and WWTP Centro, together treating 65% of wastewater collected. The performance of WWTP Olaria is worth highlighting: opened in 2010, its treatment capacity and technological setup increased the treatment rate from zero to 300 million liters/month. Three more WWTPs are planned for the coming years: WWTP Conselheiro Paulino, WWTP Ponte da Saudade and WWTP Cônego.

Águas de Nova Friburgo was the first sanitation company of the state of Rio de Janeiro to use Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR). This system removes 95% of the organic matter during the process of wastewater treatment in a relatively small space, without making noise and without emission of unpleasant odors, when compared to other technologies.

The Mobile Assistance was created in 2012 to offer more comfort and quality to the people served by the utility. A customized car brings the same services offered by stores to neighborhoods and districts that are more distant. Also in this period, about 10,000 meters of water and wastewater lines were deployed in the city, in addition to the improvements made to WTP Lumiar II and WTP São Pedro. The modernization of five pumping stations was finished and the Operational Control Center was deployed with on line telemetry, which allows controlling the supply system in real time.

Eyes on the future

Águas de Nova Friburgo invests 149.4% more in sanitation than the national average, according to the Brazilian Information System on Sanitation (SNIS). In five years, it aims to total over R$ 80 million in investments, placing the city at a prominent position on the sanitation national scenario.

The goal for 2013 is to deploy 15 km of wastewater lines and build another plant, increasing the wastewater treatment capacity of the city for over 90% of the population. Meanwhile, the goal for coming years is to increase the capacity to 1 billion liters of wastewater treated per month. These measures will foster the development of tourism, inhabitants’ quality of life and the economic potential of Nova Friburgo.