Águas do Brasil Group is leader in private sector sanitation

Águas do Brasil – leading private sector provision of water, collection and treatment of sewage services in Brazil – operates 13 concessions and serves more than six million people in 15 municipalities: Niterói, Rio de Janeiro (West Zone), Campos, Petrópolis, Nova Friburgo, Resende, Araruama, Silva Jardim, Saquarema, Manaus, Araçoiaba, Votorantim, Jaú, Ourinhos and Paraty. The holding company has annual revenues of approximately R$ 1 billion and currently employs about 3,500 people.

In the industrial segment, the Group operates by providing complete solutions for the treatment and management of water, effluents, water reuse and waste through the client installed units or in deployed complex industrial centers.

Acting since 1997, the Group has overcome the challenges of expanding systems, regularization and enhancement of existing networks in the municipalities where their concessionaires are, regardless of geographic, economic and social conditions. In total, the holding produces 12,800 liters of treated water per second through 55 stations. In sewage treatment, it operates 115 stations, serving more than 900,000 savings.

With an experienced staff and large investments in innovation and implementation of new facilities, the holding company aims to contribute to equate the challenge of sanitation in Brazil, universalizing production services and distribution of treated water in addition to collecting and processing sewage.

The Group is 100% domestically owned and formed by four major shareholders companies: Developer S.A. – Carioca Engineering Group, Queiroz Galvão Holdings – Concessions S.A., Trana Participações e Investimentos S.A. and Cowan Construction S.A.