Customized Solutions

Grupo Águas do Brasil develops BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) projects in factories and industrial units, aiming at greater environmental risk transfer, investment, engineering, operation and maintenance, which allows customers to focus on their business without worrying about the treatment of the water and effluents from their unit. In this business model, customers do not invest their own funds and receive, upon contract expiration, the asset duly designed, implemented and financed by us. This model is applicable to both new facilities (greenfield) as to applications or reformation of existing units (brownfield).

Effluents of different origins

In areas of high industrial concentration, Grupo Águas do Brasil operates through treatment complexes, focusing on industrial water supply and on the treatment of industrial effluents, and solid and organic waste.

The industrial effluents received through dedicated network or trucks for treatment in these units come from the most diverse industrial sectors. In general, these effluents require highly complex treatment; they might contain oils and grease, heavy metals, high content of organic load, and other organic and inorganic contaminants. In the treatment complexes, these effluents undergo physical-chemical and/or biological treatment according to their specific needs.

Solid Waste

In the centers for organic waste composting of Grupo Águas do Brasil, the organic solid waste, mostly sludge from biological treatment and green waste, is transformed into organic fertilizer.