Foz Águas 5, a partnership between the Grupo Águas do Brasil and the company Foz do Brasil, is responsible for the operational services of expansion, collection and treatment of sewage at Planning Area Five (Área de Plannejamento 5 – AP5), which comprises 21 districts of the West Zone city of Rio de Janeiro.

The grant is the largest basic sanitation in the country, serves 48% of the territory of the city of Rio de Janeiro, with over 1.7 million residents in neighborhoods in Bangu, Barra de Guaratiba, Campo Grande, Campo dos Afonsos, Cosmos, Deodoro, Gericinó, Guaratiba, Inhoaíba, Jardim Sulacap, Magalhães Bastos, Paciência, Padre Miguel, Pedra de Guaratiba, Realengo, Santa Cruz, Santíssimo, Senador Camará, Senador Vasconcelos, Sepetiba e Vila Militar.

With investments of R$ 2.7 billion, Foz Águas 5 is controlled by the Rio Águas Foundation, which operates as belonging to the city hall regulatory agency. For the 30 years of the contract, it is expected to expand the population assisted to 3 million people.


One of the first measures taken by the concessionaire at the work, which began in May 2012, was the renovation and reactivation of two modules treatment of STP Deodoro. The initiative allowed to raise the treatment of 20l/s to 70l/s, immediately expanding the benefit to 44 thousand people. Currently, STP Deodoro, along with nine other units, treats 829,440.00m³/month of sewage.

At present, the concessionaire works in the Executive Engineering Design. Infrastructure works for the expansion of the sewage disposal system is still starting in the 2nd half of this year. The first phase of the project includes the construction of 376 km of network, 12 lifts, a new Sewage Treatment Station (STP) in Bangu and expanding at 10 times the treatment capacity of the STP Deodoro. Until 2017 it will benefit 585,000 people.

Looking Ahead

In the first intervention phase, which runs until 2017 and will include the Olympic period, will benefit from the ten districts that comprise the basins of Marangá and Sarapuí: Deodoro, Magalhães Bastos, Realengo, Vila Militar, Campo dos Afonsos, Padre Miguel, Gericinó, Senador Camará, Jardim Sulacap and Bangu. The investment will increase the benefit from sewage treatment population, which is now only 5% to 35%, reinforcing the commitment of Foz Águas 5 with the Olympic goal.