Before Saneamento de Jaú Ltda (Sanej) started operations in 2003, all the wastewater was dumped untreated into the Jaú river.

Sanej came into business on July 10, 2003, to serve 96.9% of the population.

On January 1, 2009, Grupo Águas do Brasil took over the job with a project to expand the Figueira creek interceptor, and to build a wastewater pumping station, serving 99% of the population.

Today, 99% of the urban wastewater is treated in the city of Jaú.

The utility company has a Wastewater Treatment Plant (the Sanej WWTP), that treats 30 million liters per day. It is equipped with pumping stations, 11,841 meters of sewer interceptors, 3,000 meters of pressurized lines and 2,325 meters of marine outfalls.

Sanej uses a technology called Cyclic Activated Sludge System (CASS), which removes 94% of organic matter at the WWTP. The process ensures greater operational efficiency, reduces the space taken compared to conventional plants and minimizes odors. In addition to helping to improve the population’s quality of life, the company supported the recovery of the largest water heritage of the city: the Jaú River.

  • Concession date: 01/01/2009
  • City: Jaú (São Paulo)
  • Population: 143,283 inhabitants
  • Wastewater treatment plants: 1
  • Number of sewer connections: 1
  • Number of units with sewage connection: 1
  • Number of pumping stations: 8

It uses an innovative technology called CASS — Cyclic Activated Sludge System. The system ensures greater operational efficiency, takes a smaller area compared to conventional plants, and minimizes odors. The treatment is biological, i.e., it does not use chemicals.

The modern system allows the removal of up to 95% of biological matter and pollution, which is higher than the rate of 82% required by law.

By using this system, Sanej placed Jaú in a pioneering position among Brazilian cities that have sorted out their basic issues, standing out among the leading towns in terms of sanitation in Brazil.

  • Located in: Avenida do Café, nº 2915, Bairro São José – Jaú / SP
  • Treatment Capacity: 340 l/s
  • Population served: 135,000 inhabitants
  • Suburbs served: All suburbs of the main district of Jaú
  • Type of treatment: cyclic activated sludge system by batch operation