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The utility company Zona Oeste Mais Saneamento is in charge of delivering wastewater collection services in western Rio de Janeiro. Its business consists of operating and maintaining the domestic wastewater collection and treatment system, with the main goal of expanding its range of services by investing in sewer pipes, trunk sewers and treatment plants. The company also does the commercial management of water and wastewater, which includes reading water meters and billing the clients, inspecting the connections to make sure they are in line with standards, making sure the water is being used legally etc. It should be noted that the water supply remains under the care and responsibility of CEDAE.

It operates in 22 suburbs located in the Planning Area 5 — which corresponds to 48% of the entire city: Deodoro, Vila Militar, Campo dos Afonsos, Jardim Sulacap, Magalhães Bastos, Realengo, Padre Miguel, Bangu, Gericinó, Senador Camará, Santíssimo, Campo Grande, Senador Vasconcelos, Inhoaíba, Cosmos, Paciência, Santa Cruz, Sepetiba, Guaratiba, Barra de Guaratiba, Vila Kennedy and Pedra de Guaratiba.

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  • Client: Government of Rio de Janeiro
  • Population served: 1.7 million people
  • Start of operations: May/2012
  • Contract duration: 30 years
  • Investment: BRL 2.6 billion
  • Workforce: 503 members

Address: Rua Nazaré (Deodoro WWTP), Deodoro – Rio de Janeiro (Postal code: 21615-340)

Customer service centers

Rua Fonseca, 240 – Centro Profissional Bangu Shopping, 1º piso, Loja 214

Campo Grande
Rua Camanducaia, 51

Santa Cruz
Rua Felipe Cardoso, 540 – Santa Cruz Shopping Center, Loja 112-114

Rua José Fernandes, 1188